• Marcus Evens
At the International Institute of Human Capital (IIHC) we strive to enable world-class professional development for your organisation's human capital and delivered via in-house solutions. So if you arrived here, you're probably wondering..

Why in-house training?

Here are a few reasons.

Tailored to Your Business

   Our consultative approach begins with a thorough understanding of the specific improvement areas as determined by you through our Pre-Course Questionnaires. Our expert advisors proceed to customising your programme, logistics and even budget that suits you.
No one company is the same - we understand that.

Maximum Interactivity

   Our training sessions are designed to be practical, interactive and even fun. (in a professional way, of course) From group discussions, exercises and presentations to hands-on practicals, and even one-to-one sessions, they are designed to stimulate the mind and environment.
Who says training can't be fun?


More Bang for Your Buck

   In-house trainings offer maximum economies of scale with up to 40% savings (per pax) compared to a public course scenario. You can even send up to 20 participants per training - with no additional charges! Add on to that are the huge cost savings from travelling & accomodation.
Convenience to your doorstep, too.

Pre/Post Consultancy

   Our trainers adopt a highly hands-on approach to business improvement ranging from site visits (a hit with technical trainings) to post-training tele-conferences all aimed at ensuring skills and knowledge transferred are translated into effective action.
Support, every step along the way

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