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Effective Financial Planning and Reporting Masterclass

The essential tools, skills and knowledge that will allow you to make decisions based on the financial data and understanding the effect of the decisions on the financial outcomes of the business

Typically, the Planning and Control team is responsible for budgeting and forecasting, and the Financial Reporting team is responsible for in year reporting and for preparing the organisation’s Financial Statements. Both teams support departments with planning, managing, and reporting on departmental budgets. The aim of this four day workshop is to help financial officers to better understand financial concepts and skills such as financial reporting and analysis, short term & long term financial planning, managing cash flow and working capital, evaluating investment proposal and cost / pricing models.
The topics for this workshop have been chosen to provide participants with the essential tools, skills and knowledge that will allow them to make decisions based on the financial data they are receiving and also to understand the effect of their decisions on the financial outcomes of the business, with respect to their day to day and long term strategy and management.


Financial Reporting System – Become familiar with various types of financial reporting system, including IFRS accounting, internal & external reporting and Tax accounting for capital assets in Rwanda
Key management reporting tools – Hands on training on cash flow forecasts, budgets and variance analysis, regular profit and loss analysis
Financial Planning process – Theories, workshop and case study on how to execute short term and long term financial planning.
Financial Forecasting – Understand how to identify and analyze important financial data to make financial decisions; Know what

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