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PPP Financial Modelling

Designing and structuring reliable and flexible PPP financial models to mitigate financial risks and to maximise the value of money invested

Public Private Partnership (PPP) or Private Finance Initiative (PFI) is an increasingly popular choice for policymakers in implementing important public projects. The choice to use such contracts is first and foremost made by the public sector which remains the ultimate guarantor of public service delivery.

A key motivation for governments considering public private partnerships is the possibility of bringing in new sources of financing for funding public infrastructure and service needs.

Attend this informative event and gain practical insights into:

•Determining the most effective methodologies to design, cross check and structure financial models for PPP projects
•Discovering the key elements to prepare realistic and reliable PPP financial models
•Examining the financial risk profile to incorporate risk factors in the financial model
•Building efficient and flexible financial models to perform add-ins and make amendments while maintaining the integrity of the spreadsheets
•Analysing financial data using a various database functions
•Investigating the key steps in financial modelling audits to assure the value of the money invested is achieved
•Utilising the financial models to assist on decision making process


The potential for PPP development in the Middle East is unlimited, as governments increasingly turn to the private sector for support in developing and delivering large scale projects. Throughout the PPP project life cycle, there is always a need for ongoing financial management. Due to a lack of thought on reflecting the objectives of PPP deals into the financial models, a large number of PPP projects tend to end up with legal issues, high financial risk and ineffectual commercial values of investment. Therefore, financial modelling is an essential part of all PPP projects, from initial bidding stage to post-financial closure stage. This PPP Financial Modelling training aims to provide the key elements to design, build and analyse effective financial models for PPP projects. Highlighting critical calculations to obtain precise and well-structured PPP financial model is one of the topics to be discussed. Next, the modelling of various types of debt instrument and the calculation of the time weighted average of debt will be elaborated. Delegates will also be trained on building up risk profile for a PPP project and recognising the steps required using Monte Carlo simulation. Join us and take your financial modelling and analytical skills to the next level. This highly practical training is specifically designed to create a dynamic decision making tool, elevate beyond simple static input and output spreadsheets and most importantly to strengthen your overall financial modelling skills.

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