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Finance for Non-Finance Professionals

Optimising your knowledge of finance best-practices to ensure accurate communication and maximum effectiveness.
In today's business world, even non-finance executives are often called upon to make quick and accurate decisions about financial issues pertaining to their respective departments. The higher they rise in an organisation, the more important such financial skills become. "Finance for Non-Finance Managers" is designed to provide managers with an understanding of financial management principles and equip them with the practical skills to develop informed and effective financial plans. Knowing what numbers mean, participants will learn critical business skills in analysing financial statements, applied corporate finance, comprehending interpreting key financial indicators better and the financial planning process. This workshop will provide participants with strategic skills to determine the financial performance of your organisation or business unit and will give you the confidence to make decisions based on financial data. This hands-on and practical course will delve into the fundamentals of financial analysis, financial reporting, cash management and forecasting for value growth and investment decision making to professionals who come from non-financial backgrounds.

  • Understand the art of finance and financial management and their role in company finances and become familiar with key financial terms, including where to find regulations for your area and industry
  • Become familiar with various types of financial reports, including income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and statements of retained earnings
  • Understand how a chart of accounts is created, the differences between cash and accrual accounting, and single vs. double entry bookkeeping
  • Understand how to identify and analyze important financial data to make financial decisions; Know what budgets are and how to prepare them
  • Identify what computer skills needed to make a financial whiz Preparing to deal with financial situations that impact the end users.

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