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Supply Chain


Demand Planning and Inventory Optimisation

Best positioning your inventory in a global supply chain to respond promptly to the current market climate.

Supply chain excellence requires striking the most profitable balance among service levels, lead times, budgets, risks, and inventory costs. Attend this event and comprehend the metrics that are largely determined by how your company's supply, production, and distribution network should be configured and managed, how you should positions your inventory, and the inventory stocking strategies you should implement. 

This event will provide you with strategic skills to forecast demand and optimise your inventory to enhance your ROI and bottom lines:

  • Repositioning your cash flows to increase liquidity and improve your cash ratios
  • Incorporating Lean into your supply chain to enable smart and cost effective inventory management
  • Prioritising your inventory to effectively manage non-moving inventory
  • Adding mathematical rigour to your inventory management to manage it more efficiently and smartly
  • Assessing how Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) works for your organisation and how it can add value

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