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Procurement and Low Cost Sourcing Masterclass

Ensuring cost-effective and realistic approaches to procurement and sourcing efforts through technical analysis and supplier management strategies
In highly competitive markets where end users hold the ultimate bargaining power, the final cost and price of the product is the greatest leveraging factor for market share. Effective procurement and sourcing management techniques are extremely critical in ensuring ongoing competitive advantage for organisations.  There are many drivers that make current day sourcing strategies complex and the needs for the procurement function are changing. Difficulties arise in evaluating suppliers not just on the base cost but also the entire spillover effect on the entire organisation's processes.  The training event will focus on the most realistic and practical tools available for industry practitioners in the region. The key focus on technical aspects focuses on strategic delivery for attaining high quality yet cost competitive materials and services for optimum operational processes.  The specialised training module also addresses the latest trends in global sourcing and supplier/procurement techniques and strategies.

  • Utilising accurate and technical supply analysis methods for bottom line savings
  • Evaluating tools and techniques available to develop and enhance procurement strategies
  • Measuring Total Cost of Ownership of supplies/services acquired over long periods
  • Anticipating and mitigating risk successfully in low cost sourcing areas
  • Reengineering spend management processes for maximum efficiency
  • Discovering current and future challenges and trends of global sourcing in Asia
  • Overcoming the challenge of fluctuating commodity costs via effective supplier selection techniques
  • Assessing the performance of suppliers through effective evaluation strategies
  • Improving supplier relationship management for streamlining processes and enhancing overall delivery
  • Developing relationships with current suppliers to improve operational collaboration

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