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Engineering and Maintenance


Gas Turbine Inspection and Maintenance

Reducing downtime and improving profitability of gas turbines by implementing effective inspection and maintenance measure

• Employing effective inspection and monitoring techniques to ensure optimum gas turbine operations
• Prioritising an advanced maintenance planning and keeping up with the required assessments
• Analysing and mitigating the key issues of gas turbine failure mechanisms that can be costly
• Comparing methods for early risk detection to prevent plant failures and accidents
• Prolonging life-cycle of gas turbine components with innovative preventive, predictive and condition based maintenance
• Interpreting inspection results according to the operational hours and adopting the next important measures
• Emphasising the fundamental metallurgy behind gas turbines and coating techniques to repair minor issues


Gas turbines have become an important, widespread, and reliable device in the field of power generation in Australia over the recent years. More and more power plants are investing in gas turbines including mining and other plants who have invested for their own power generation. Investment on gas turbines are expensive and even more is the maintenance. ‘The Industrial Gas Turbine Global Maintenance Market’ global study recently revealed that total maintenance of gas turbines globally was worth over $18 billion. The study also showed than an OEM average market share in the aftermarket is approximately 57%! With such high investments on maintenance, YOU, as gas turbine owners want to operate your gas turbines at a optimum level at all times, prevent downtimes and eliminate unnecessary costs. For that, you’ve got to ensure that your maintenance is at top level. 

Gas Turbine Inspection and Maintenance training will provide you with all the necessary insights and in-depth knowledge that you and your team require. The training will focus on the critical fundamental knowledge of gas turbines, what to look out for during your inspection, what you should interpret from your maintenance tests done according to the age of your turbine and examining the critical components of a gas turbine and its life expectancy. By applying the learnings from the training, you will be operating your gas turbine at optimal level at all times, decrease any unscheduled maintenance, prevent outages and be more cost efficient!