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Project Management


Managing Your Projects Successfully Through Microsoft Project ® On time! On track! On Target!

Learning how to balance project constraints, cost constraints, and schedule constraints in order to maximise stakeholder satisfaction and learn how to measure schedule performance.

This in-house programme is designed to help your staff develop project management skills that will be immediately useful, usable, and used back on the job. How do we do this? We use actual projects provided by the participants in each class as the basis for all of the key exercises. These projects are then integrated into MS Project so that it is immediately implementable back into the workplace. This allows participants to practice in a realistic environment that is not black and white, but shades of gray - just like the real world.

The in-house training programme will help participants develop the skills needed to build and execute a realistic and robust project plan. They will learn how to balance project constraints, cost constraints, and schedule constraints in order to maximise stakeholder satisfaction. They will also learn how to measure schedule performance - objectively.

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

• Prepare an effective project definition document
• Effectively use MS Project as a tool in project management
• Construct a work breakdown structure that adds value
• Improve the accuracy of project estimates
• Sequence project activities
• Calculate an activity-based critical path
• Track schedule progress
• Develop a time-phased project budget
• Understand how to execute a project

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