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Transformational Change Leadership Masterclass 2013

TCLM 2013 is a 5-day immersive retreat that has been designed for C-Level leaders - be it corporate and governmental - to rediscover the concept of change and to implement groundbreaking transformational strategies within their organisations. Suzette D., IIHC's Executive Advisor comes with more than 13 years of consulting experience will be at your exclusive access throughout the programme.
   So often we forget that the essence of leadership involves our ability to predict, respond to and manage change. Knowing when to change, what to transform and how to innovate are key skills for any organisation wishing to remain relevant in a continuously evolving marketplace. This requires a thorough understanding of the concept and context of change, the ability to precisely differentiate it from transformation and knowing when to choose one or the other. Finally, it requires a steadfast readiness and agile capability to innovate.

Transformational Change Leadership Masterclass 2013 is a Travel & Learning package that focuses on 5 Key Themes:


The only way to predict the future is to invent it.

Peter Drucker

   Sceptics have argued that it is the only way, citing that invention has been dying a slow death in the past two decades. And it is indeed difficult to argue with the case study of leading innovators such as Apple and Samsung which demolished the dominance of the mobile and media giants, Nokia and Sony respectively.

   With the number and scale of disruptive technologies growing exponentially in this day and age, innovation is key to not just staying relevant but to some, a matter of survival.

Throughout TCLM '13, the trainer will cultivate a atmosphere of heightened sensitivity towards new, fresh ideas. You will find out new and useful innovation principles such as the Transformation Enablement Framework to creating your unique Innovation Framework. Implementing the aforementioned will translate mere concepts into tangible and powerful roadmaps of innovation, driven by you!


   Despite owning the bragging rights of having one of the highest - if not the highest - vehicle sales globally, Toyota also has an equally established weapon in their production armory - reliability. Key to this achievement is their core value of kaizen meaning‘continuous improvement’.

   No process can ever be declared perfect but it can always be improved.

   Segments of this training is dedicated towards identifying and optimisating key areas of improvement within your organisation. You will learn to define change management objectives and strategies, sponsorship models and many more! (as they say, a never ending process)


   Well, we all know learning is one thing, doing is another and getting others to move in the same direction is in a whole different book.

   What then is Transformational Change Leadership?

   It is one's ability to connect change, transformation, innovation and leadership. Learn how to read the signs in the Transformational Change Cycle and create a model that is suitable for you, your people and ultimately your organisation.


   Turn off your smartphones, your tablets and laptops and tuning into exclusive coaching and advisory is a luxury every C-suite needs every once in awhile.

   Many a time, this is the sweet spot where million dollar ideas or solutions emerge.

   Immerse yourself and rediscover change and transformation with unbridled access to Suzette, IIHC's very own Executive Advisor.


   TCLM '13 is one of IIHC's Travel & Learning programmes which is designed as executive getaways where the learning is facilitated in a relaxed and dressed-down environment that creates a vibrant atmosphere especially during the practical sessions.

   Rejuvenating highlights include Beachside Sunset Gourmet Dinner (in Seychelles) and a one night cruise dinner on the Bosphorus to discover Istanbul by night.

About Your Executive Advisor

     An Alumni of from Harvard Kennedy School of Government (KSG) in Adaptive Leadership, she is worldly and speaks six languages (English, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese). She is known to be mission-focused, strategic, and process-minded with a strong track record of providing data-driven and intelligence-led advisory and consulting services to leading corporations and brands worldwide that contributed towards their most spectacular growth years.
     Suzette will be at your exclusive access throughout the programme to provide you personalised and high-powered solutions.

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Transformational Change Leadership Masterclass '13 Locations Seychelles
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Inclusive daily Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner      
Inclusive daily Breakfast and Lunch      
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Beachside Sunset Gourmet Dinner    
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