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Strategy & Leadership


Strategic Thinking and Decision Making

Essential skills, tools and methodologies for making the right strategic decisions whilst managing uncertainty and risks

Strategy 101 is about choices; you can’t be all things to all people.

Michael E. Porter

Key Benefits of this training include:

  • Understanding strategic decision making processes and their complexities
  • Learning how to use key techniques that will help you in the strategic thinking and decision making process
  • Improving your ability to make decisions and to generate alternative decisions
  • Gaining confidence in making complex decisions whilst managing risk and uncertainty
  • Develop strategies to improve strategic decision making in your organisation
  • Learn from other course participants by discussing and solving challenging decision scenarios

Why this training is crucial for your organisation :

    If you are involved in and/or responsible for making decisions that have a strategic impact for your organisation, you appreciate the complexity and often personal risk at stake when making such decisions. To avoid risk and uncertainty, decisions are often not made, they are made too late, or the incorrect decisions are made. Whilst decision risk and complexity can never be fully overcome, this course will help you make more effective decisions through the use of proven strategic thinking and decision making techniques. Facilitated by a senior corporate consultant and executive coach, this course is essential for your professional development.

    This course will introduce you to the skills, tools and the methodologies essential to the successful decision making process when managing risks and uncertainties. This course teaches the use of strategic thinking and decision making techniques based on common practice and the facilitator’s experience. It is rich in practical application through self assessment, group work, discussion, and case study exercises.

Who should attend?

  • Senior Management
  • Middle management
  • Junior Management
  • Supervisors
  • Directors
  • All leadership positions in essence

Participant Testimonials

"A professional, enthusiastic and interactive delivery style. A good course that addresses the main elements and challenges."

Regional Director, Rabobank

"Excellent, I would recommend it to my colleagues."

Head Performance Manager, The National Commercial Bank

"Relevant, interesting, knowledgeable, and entertaining. High level of content, but covered a lot of aspects. I appreciated references to other sources of information."

Marketing Manager, Secure Computing

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