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Master Data Management - Leadership in Compliant, Data-Driven Strategies to Create Actionable Insights and Drive the Business

Enrich your enterprise strategy with a vision on data to increase business returns

Data only exists within the framework of a vision you’re building to, a hypothesis of where you’re moving to.

Reid Hoffman

Key Benefits of this training include:

  • Gain opinion-leadership through robust delivery of relevant business insights
  • Identify the main pillars and drivers of the corporate strategy
  • Expand the business strategy with a vision on data to really become ‘data-driven’
  • Evaluate the impact of impeccable data management on business strategy and returns
  • Understand privacy by design and consent issues to ensure compliant data governance
  • Explore the necessary conditions for enduring insight leadership
  • Leverage 360 degree customer view to optimize business strategies

Why this training is crucial for your organisation :

    This course will enable good understanding and sound use of customer data to create actionable insights through alignment with corporate strategy. As a result of deep comprehension of the strategy, main characteristics and crucial data can be identified and translated into a dedicated data vision. To ensure that the vision can fulfil the needs of the corporate strategy related issues like data management, data quality and privacy by design will also be addressed. The principal focus however will be on identifying the needed requirements and vision for the fruitful application of analysis to support business aims in the digital era. Participation in this training will teach attendants best practices how to incorporate explicit insights effectively, and compliant, into the business and company culture to drive return on investment.

    Attendants of this training will be fully prepared to breakdown their business strategies, marketing plans or focussed campaigns into manageable Lego bricks that represent explicit requisites in terms of data. Gathering these building blocks together, a corporate vision on data will not be another IT definition study, or purely legal exercise, anymore, but definitely become business-driven. The same holds for tying analytics and insights into the business needs and in that spirit successfully pave the way for undisputed opinion leadership.

Who should attend?

  • Data Management
  • Data Governance
  • Data-driven Marketing/Strategy
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Intelligence Professionals
  • Compliance Directors
  • Privacy Officers

Participant Testimonials

"The fact that we got to have a lot of discussions in teams was very useful. That’s where we got the most benefit"

"Good place, nice organisation and good subjects "

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