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  • Marcus Evens
Organisations are unprepared for cultural Changes
These cultural changes occur as executives from the baby boomer generation retire and are replaced by their generation x and y counterparts, a study has found.
The International Forum sees members from all over the globe converge on London to discuss IT skills in relation to employability and digital literacy.

The ECDL Forum provides a platform for discussion about the internationally recognised qualification which more than12 million people have registered for across the globe. In the UK, the Institute last year reported a growth in the number of learners achieving ECDL certificates across all learning establishments from community hubs through schools and colleges to independent training providers.

The Institute's group chief executive officer, David Clarke MBE, said: "More than 90 per cent of job adverts in the UK require applicants to be digitally literate. We take it for granted that people can use a computer, smartphone, tablet, but employers want proof, and IT vocational qualifications can help provide this and give an individual a competitive edge when applying for jobs."

Richard French, BCS director of education policy who will also address the conference, added: "Digital skills, and digital literacy, are very important for everyone at all stages of life. We believe that IT vocational qualifications can help individuals gain the confidence and understanding they need to enable them to fully take part in our society whether it is work, leisure or interacting with government services."

Source: Trainingjournal.com

Published On : Wednesday, May 22, 2013

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