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If you are looking for a specific or niche programme, let us know what it is and we will come back to you with your request or suggest related programmes. After all, one of our specialisations is programme customisation!
  • Marcus Evens
Collaborative Supply Chain Team Optimisation
A fun and effective team building programme to ensure optimum collaborative practices between the different members of your supply chain team.
Distribution and Channel Management
Creating, executing and motivating effective initiatives that will lead to an increase in business development activities that result in further sales
Inventory Management Optimisation and Excellence
Mastering the best practices of inventory management and forecasting to enhance the bottom line returns for your organisation
Structured Supply Chain Professional Development Program
Spearheading the organisation towards a dynamic future that capitalises on supply chain expertise to gain and sustain competitive advantage. Manufacturers and distributors requires intense collaboration. Without an effective supply chain, the resulting inefficiencies will negatively impact costs, cash flow, customer service and the overall financial and operational health of your organisation. Effective Supply Chain Management represents the ability to be able to influence any of the components in the processes in order to meet organisational goals either in areas of cost reduction at the bottom-line processes, reducing waste, improvement of rapid response capability or fostering better relationships with suppliers and customers. The many facets of technology have benefited the supply chain as well in producing significant results in shorter life cycles and better quality products. However, it is up to the discretion of the organisation to integrate and enable the most suitable syst
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