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Supply Chain


Inventory Management Optimisation and Excellence

Mastering the best practices of inventory management and forecasting to enhance the bottom line returns for your organisation
An organisation separates itself as a market leader by holding on to a core competency that guarantees them sustainable competitive advantage. In an arena where businesses are forced to operate with fewer resources and narrow profit margins, practical inventory management is absolutely necessary.
Members involved in supply chain activities are constantly striving to ensure that inventory control remains at the forefront regardless of internal and external business conditions. however, devising an efficient system has long been an arduous task. The complexity is attributed to the two conflicting goals of minimising money tied up in stock and at the same time ensuring that stock is not depleted when required.
Practical inventory management will ensure smooth operations along the entire supply chain. Being an integral link, safeguarding the organisation by detecting the critical balance for inventory is absolutely necessary. The
process of inventory management is a continuously evolving one and this training will highlight the various solutions available today.
The training event will focus on the most effective and practical tools available for senior managers today in a practical rather than theoretical approach.

This event will provide you with strategic skills to forecast demand and optimise your inventory to enhance your ROI and bottom lines:

  • Repositioning your cash flows to increase liquidity and improve your cash ratios
  • Incorporating Lean into your supply chain to enable smart and cost effective inventory management
  • Prioritising your inventory to effectively manage non-moving inventory
  • Adding mathematical rigour to your inventory management to manage it more efficiently and smartly
  • Assessing how Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) works for your organisation and how it can add value

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