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Strategy & Leadership


Strategy Deployment

Successfully Execute Your Strategic Plan and Engage All Levels of Operations in Meeting High Priority Initiatives

Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.

Will Rogers

Key Benefits of this training include :

  • Create a Balanced Performance Management System
  • Link and Integrate Individual Performance Plans
  • Integrate balanced scorecard with mission-aligned performance measurues
  • Implement the tools necessary to engage your staff with the organizational performance efforts
  • Discover how to prioritize projects and resources to create successful results
  • Evaluate the key components for crafting your performance message

Why this training is crucial for your organisation :

    Organizational strategic planning is a process that every agency strives to perfect. Countless resources and hours are spent cultivating a mission and vision statement for the organization. Performance management strategies have developed and evolved over the years and great advancements have been made as more and more managers embrace the positive effects of successful performance management. However, to fully utilize and embrace the benefits of a strategic organizational plan – a solid deployment framework must be in place to ensure that tactical steps and resources are in place to guarantee that progress is made and measured.

    Utilising a strategy-aligned process to improve service delivery. This course is designed to tackle the challenges related to strategy deployment. For managers to ensure that continued progress and advancement is made towards meeting their organizational priorities, highly specific deployment methods must permeate every subset of the organization. A strong deployment process takes into account innovation, agility, employee strengths and skill level..

    Walk away from this training having created a solid action plan that you can bring back and implement within your agency. Each attendee will work on designing a strategy map for their specific organization so that they can translate key initiatives into a one page visual resource to share with colleagues and upper management. Learn how to create a measure for each of your strategic objectives and understand how to scale down to the personal level so that individual scorecards can be made for each of your staff members.

Who should attend?

Directors, Head of Department, line Managers, Officers, Analysts, Strategic Planners of:
  • Corporate Performance
  • Finance and Budget
  • Operations
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Administration
  • Business Development
  • Change Management
  • Quality Management
  • Information Technology
  • Technical Support

Participant Testimonials

"In more than 30 years experience in the Business world, I’ve never come across a more powerful concept so rooted in common sense, beautiful in its simplicity, easy to administer, and with such far reaching effect as the Balanced Scorecard. The combination of the governance model, the leadership process, [and] the balanced scorecard helped me change the culture from one in which the employees were just showing up to work every day for a pay check to one in which they were pretty excited about the place...They were proud of where they worked. We went from losing $1million per day needing an equity infusion of $250 million to a valuation of $1.2 0 $1.5 Billion Dollars."

CEO AT&T (Canada)

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