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Practical Budgeting, Forecasting and Cost Control using Excel

Minimising cost, enhancing financial control and improving operational efficiency standards to increase your business revenues through practical tools for everyday decision making.

To reach a destination, one must have accurate forecasting, a precise course and a map to guide you timely, on budget and on track at all times.


Key Benefits of this training include:

  • Exploring budgeting as a competitive advantage for your organisation
  • Optimising the organisation’s forecasting and budgeting ability to anticipate possible changes in revenue and returns in times of fluctuation due to climate, seasonal , political and financial factors
  • Understanding and responding quickly to the impact of competitive forces and rapid changes in your environment
  • Conducting accurate forecasting processes to establish measurements to guide management, facilitate planning and goal-setting
  • Consolidating completed budgets into financial statements in excel to increase transparency and business performance
  • Designing ABC systems to optimise your existing system for a maximum result
  • Framing and analysing variances to support management accurate decision-making
  • Assessing and evaluating risk and uncertainty associated with budgeting, forecasting and cost Control

Why this training is crucial for your organisation:

   Forecasting and budgeting has become an organisation-wide activity. Budgeting depends on sound and precise forecasts. Therefore, equipping oneself with the basic to advance level of knowledge on effective forecasting, budgeting and cost control is extremely important. In today’s economic climate, companies are tying their budgets to the business strategy to ensure of reaping greater revenue.

   Line managers and head of departments are now in-charge of considering all types of scenarios and to be able to provide an accurate and effective forecast. Keeping in mind rising cost owing to unplanned expenditures and the external economic environment, the main challenge is to maintain a strong balance in your budget, by allocating resources, core business drivers, revenues tracking and projecting accurate cash flows.

   Attend this advanced budgeting, forecasting and cost control masterclass training and you will learn the full spectrum of crucial forecasting and budgeting techniques in various segments across all industries, especially on the effective budgeting in the present global business environments and evaluating risks associated with budgeting, forecasting and cost control in your own organisation. You will also gain a vital inputs on best practices used to improve on your overall budgeting system.

Who should attend?

  • Non - financial, operational (and financial) Directors
  • Controllers, Managers, Supervisors, Executives or Investors in any functional area of responsibility

Participant Testimonials

"He facilitated in a participative learning approach. An excellent facilitator and knows his work very well"

Telkom SA Limited, Executive Management Development Programme: "Financial Management" (2008)

"This was the first time I saw the trainer in action. He really knows his subject and is very sensitive in getting the message across. I can really recommend him."

Project Manager, University of Stellenbosch, Executive Development Ltd. (2008)

Past Client(s)


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