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  • Marcus Evens
Advanced Financial Modelling
Effectively interpreting core business objectives for accurate financial predictions
Credit Risk Portfolio Modeling in Excel 2012
This course focuses on credit portfolio risk management techniques, examining several of the models and approaches that have developed in the marketplace. It considers how credit derivatives and other risk mitigation methods can be used in the implementation of a credit portfolio risk management programme. There is a discussion of the relationship of credit risk to other risks faced by financial institutions including market risk, operational risk and liquidity risk. The course examines these risks and the associated management tools and techniques within the broader context of the Value at Risk (VaR) approach to integrated risk management. VaR is important because it has the support of the banking regulators as an acceptable basis for the development of internal models of risk analysis, the return on capital and capital adequacy. Finally, the course addresses the policy, practice and process issues that need to be part of an integrated risk management programme within a financia
Inventory Management Optimisation and Excellence
Mastering the best practices of inventory management and forecasting to enhance the bottom line returns for your organisation
Leadership Excellence
For exponential increase of individual and organisation productivity
Practical Budgeting, Forecasting and Cost Control using Excel
Minimising cost, enhancing financial control and improving operational efficiency standards to increase your business revenues through practical tools for everyday decision making.
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