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Supply Chain


Driving Superior Value through Digital Procurement

Best and leading edge practices to control operating costs, while minimising supply chain risks and maximising profits

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

Warren Buffet

Key Benefits of this training include:

  • Implement world class procurement practices and maximise procurement impact across your organisation
  • Gain further insight into commercial skills and buyer-seller interactions to get the best deals and reduce costs
  • Identify when to formally “Tender” requirements and when it is more effective to negotiate
  • Manage the risks and issues in the supply chain
  • Remove cost from the business whilst minimising business and operational risks to add value
  • Advance your knowledge to gain a greater insight into Digital and Commercial Procurement and better assess your development and business requirements
  • Engage confidently with the business, with sales personnel and leveraging your purchasing power
  • Reduce operating costs and maximise business profit

Why this training is crucial for your organisation :

    For businesses, big data and advanced analytics have profound implications: in raising data-driven decision making to a new level, helping companies generate new insights, and enabling them to collaborate at scale. In the future your procurement team will be so deeply connected to every tier of its supply base that it will have access to all relevant data on cost structures, supply availability, lead times, financial and operational risks, service and quality metrics. This procurement team will be well-positioned to negotiate the “right” prices, instantaneously adapt its own planning, or switch to alternative suppliers in the event of supply shortages. It will proactively help suppliers improve deteriorating quality levels by spotting problems earlier and identifying their root causes.

    Driving Superior Value through Digital Procurement provides a strategic and competitive advantage to companies. This two-day workshop explores how to manage an optimal procurement function that delivers both business and procurement goals. It provides in depth knowledge for specialists operating in Procurement through a systematic approach and a controlled process in this unique function.

    Learn what world class Procurement do in an organisation and how you can better deliver your objectives and approaches. This workshop will help delegates become commercial specialists using leading edge tools and approach. Case studies and interactive workshops are used to illustrate the important considerations, and are all delivered by a CIPS approved and qualified trainer..

Who should attend?

  • Procurement
  • Finance
  • Internal Auditors
  • In-House Engineers
  • Contract Managers
  • Relationship Managers
  • Vendor Managers
  • Risk and Compliance
  • Spend Analysis
  • Transformation Programmes
  • Operations

Participant Testimonials

"The course was extremely enjoyable and both myself and my procurement Manager have been able to re-think our processes and get some good advice from the trainer."

Head of Central Procurement, Zain Corporation

"A good course. I got a good view of what the trainer calls “best practice” and I can see where I can apply some useful tools."

CHead of Logistics, Krones AG

"The course gave me more insights on how to control the costs. Very friendly and helpful trainer."

Purchasing Manager Group Procurement, Alarko Energy Group