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  • Marcus Evens
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Supply Chain

Optimising all the links in your supply chain for maximum efficiency. PROCUREMENT AND PURCHASING
Driving Superior Value through Digital Procurement
Best and leading edge practices to control operating costs, while minimising supply chain risks and maximising profits
Procurement Fraud Management and Mitigation 2015
Combating corruption and fraud in procurement operations throughout the organisation. “Companies reported an avergae of 23 cases of fraud during the past two years, with each organisation losing an average of over 7.4 million in that period” - Louis Strydom, head of PWC’s forensic auditing division. Both the public and private sectors in are victims of fraud and / or corruption. Unfortunately, fraud in the procurement function is one of the most difficult to identify, making it difficult to catch the perpetrators until its too late. This 2 day interactive training programme, with a purchasing and supply chain expert, will demonstrate how to take a pro-active and practical approach to identify, mitigate and hopefully reduce this escalating trend, using Best Practice Purchasing Procedures to close loopholes and guard backdoors. let us teach you what to look for and how to detect fraud in the early stages by showing you where fraud takes place - and where your own particular exposure may
Procurement Tendering and Bidding Management
Understanding the global environment and international best practices in Procurement tender management and fraud prevention

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