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Supply Chain


Procurement Tendering and Bidding Management

Understanding the global environment and international best practices in Procurement tender management and fraud prevention
 The old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is particularly applicable to procurement activities where fraud and corruption can raise not only the costs and risks of doing business but also jeopardises the reputation of the organisation and even the safety of employees and the general public.  This course is intended to focus on the extremely important issues of the prevention of fraud and corruption in contracting and procurement activities.
  • Heightening your chances of success in managing your tenders successfully
  • Increasing productivity via a cost-effective tender/bid management
  • Reviewing key principles in tendering and bidding to alleviate your critical evaluation
  • Achieving operational excellence and improve your service to client
  • Discovering practical approaches to detect procurement fraud
  • Exploring proven techniques for investigating procurement fraud
  • Understanding fraud prevention in contracts and procurement
  • Developing right Risk Management and Controls in Procurement