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Measuring and Improving Marketing Effectiveness – Return of Marketing Investment (ROMI)

Marketing Performance Measurement and Management (MPM) is a marketing paradigm that calls for alignment of marketing activities, strategies, and metrics with business goals in order to make marketing more effective and efficient. The paradigm requires marketing professionals to create a metrics framework and key performance indicators, monitor marketing performance, and develop and utilise marketing dashboards to communicate and manage performance. Marketing Performance Management is the foundation for creating performance driven marketing organisations. Marketing organisations need systems, tools, processes, new skills and a culture of accountability to create a performance-driven marketing organisation. A key part of our process of success at creating performance-driven marketing organisations is getting agreement between Marketing and the rest of the leadership team on how marketing performance should be measured. This is a critical step to ensure you are focused on the right data
• Develop tactics to align your marketing activities to achieving corporate objectives
• Utilise ROMI concepts to determine revenue-based ROI from branding and awareness-building campaigns
• Apply ROMI to any type of sales model, channel or product, to ensure you are getting maximum return
• Develop a Sales and Marketing Scorecard to ensure marketing’s efforts don’t get lost in – or upon – the sales department
• Gaining insights for an improved ROI using Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM)

This course is tailor - made for executive marketers, marketing project directors, managers, marketing researchers, marketing analysts, from any industry that want to successfully align and measure their marketing effectiveness to corporate objectives.

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