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Business Development

Growing your market share with synergistic sales, marketing and CRM strategies. MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS
Consumer Insights and Shopper Marketing: From Insights to Activation and Execution
Leveraging Shopper Marketing and Consumer Insights strategies in challenging markets to deliver better returns on marketing investment. The consumer market in Asia is booming and has led to foreign investments and changes in shopper demographics. The competition level in the urban markets has gone to such an extent that there is a tough fight among the marketers to impress and attract shoppers within that shortest span of time spared by a shopper to look at a product. Shoppers today are influenced by plethora of brands and spoilt for choice. A study by Deloitte stated that about 3,000 marketing messages a day reach the average consumers and over 20,000 SKUs await shoppers in the supermarket. Shoppers are overloaded with information and messages to the point where they feel overwhelmed, confused and even tired. Trends have shown to include the use of “multi-sensory experiences” for shoppers. Retailers and brand owners can only capture the dollars of shoppers when they hit bull’s eye
Designing and Managing Best in Class Digital Customer Experience
A masterclass delivered by a global expert
Measuring and Improving Marketing Effectiveness – Return of Marketing Investment (ROMI)
Marketing Performance Measurement and Management (MPM) is a marketing paradigm that calls for alignment of marketing activities, strategies, and metrics with business goals in order to make marketing more effective and efficient. The paradigm requires marketing professionals to create a metrics framework and key performance indicators, monitor marketing performance, and develop and utilise marketing dashboards to communicate and manage performance. Marketing Performance Management is the foundation for creating performance driven marketing organisations. Marketing organisations need systems, tools, processes, new skills and a culture of accountability to create a performance-driven marketing organisation. A key part of our process of success at creating performance-driven marketing organisations is getting agreement between Marketing and the rest of the leadership team on how marketing performance should be measured. This is a critical step to ensure you are focused on the right data
Strategic Thinking for Business Development Professionals
Re-framing business decisions to adapt to changing scenarios by effectively rethinking your strategic paradigm. Business Development professionals are commonly type A individuals that often charge ahead full of energy and vigor in chasing their targets to ensure successful revenue generation for their business. However many of these professionals often do not step back and strategically approach their sales and marketing activities. This often leads to inertia to change, inability to see gaps in their plan and a pigeon hole mentality on short term goals that are not necessarily required to ensure their activities are productive. Through an effective strategic approach to business development planning, sales and marketing professionals are able to strengthen their hold on their markets and grow share in an increasingly competitive environment.

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