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Business Development


Strategic Thinking for Business Development Professionals

Re-framing business decisions to adapt to changing scenarios by effectively rethinking your strategic paradigm. Business Development professionals are commonly type A individuals that often charge ahead full of energy and vigor in chasing their targets to ensure successful revenue generation for their business. However many of these professionals often do not step back and strategically approach their sales and marketing activities. This often leads to inertia to change, inability to see gaps in their plan and a pigeon hole mentality on short term goals that are not necessarily required to ensure their activities are productive. Through an effective strategic approach to business development planning, sales and marketing professionals are able to strengthen their hold on their markets and grow share in an increasingly competitive environment.
 Benifits from joining this training :

• Strengthen their market and environment position by being a ahead using CI(competitive intelligence) tactics
• Benchmark their current position with that of other industry players
• Design and implement their strategies in accordance to current company culture and dynamics
• Identify niche positions in the changing medical devices industry and specific issues pertaining to their products
• Developing a sense of ownership for the sales people over their job roles
• In calculating the spirit of customer service and CRM into their sales process
• Ensuring the proper mindset for sales planning and sales tactics development
• Think strategically and translate this into implementable plans
• Draw up a business review on value propositions
• Apply the right terminologies to describe strategies and actions plans
• Analyse and understand the effectiveness of your marketing spend
• Increasing your ability to read and analyse critical response data


This in-house programme is designed for professionals involved in analysing complex business situations and delivering decision support, including: Directors, Division Heads, Senior Managers, General Managers, Managers and Specialists of the following departments across all industries:
• Marketing & Sales
• Business & Market Intelligence
• Product Development
• Customer and Market Planning
• Strategic Planning / Corporate Planning
• Competitive Intelligence
• Business Analysis
• Market Research & Development
• Business Development

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