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Practical Sales Process and Pipeline Management

Mastering the sales qualification process and its impact on sales forecast accuracy
Sales Pipeline is a great indicator of a company’s health. It is a powerful framework that illustrates the business your company can win over a period of time.
• It can show you the order entry, revenue and profit you will make in the coming months
• It enables you to focus your organisation’s strengths onto the deals you can win
• It enables you to spot both organisational and people problems and take corrective action before its too late
• Get introduced to the concept and benefits of Sales Pipeline Management.
• Access to powerful tools to improve the way your sales force qualifies business and enable you to win more deals.
• Reduce cost of sale by stopping unwinnable opportunities and focus your resources where you can win.
• Highlight the actions that need to be taken to win those opportunities that can be won.
• Review your existing sales forecast if you have one.
• Create a new sales forecast that enables you to predict consistently and accurately
This training will help your sales organisation achieve measurable improvements in sales performance, quota-achievement and pipeline velocity. By the end of the training event, participants will:

• Visualise your sales funnel: Including how many leads you have,
which stage each one is at and what you need to do for each to win
the deal
• Qualify your sales opportunities: Access to powerful tools to
improve the way your sales force qualifies business and enable you to
win more deals
• Organise all lead information in one place: Being organised enables
you to make more effective follow-ups and helps you win more deals.
• Effectively manage your sales team: If your business has multiple
sales people, using a sales pipeline management process will help you
manage leads, tasks, and performance for each sales person and for the
whole team all in one place
• Win more deals: Sales pipeline management enables you to improve
the chances of closing deals by defining rules around what needs to
happen during customer engagement at each stage

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