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  • Marcus Evens
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Business Development

Growing your market share with synergistic sales, marketing and CRM strategies. SALES IMPROVEMENT
Competitive Selling Strategies for Manufacturing Industry
Equipping sales staff with the knowledge, skills, and tools to effectively sell in an increasingly competitive environment to increase market share and revenues
Effective Sales Strategies by Customer Focus Management
Ensuring customer loyalty by managing superior customer focus management levels throughout the entire organisation.
Effectively Managing your Internal Audit Function
In the current climate of changing and increasing corporate governance requirements, organisations are relying more on the independent and objective assurance provided by the Internal Audit function. They are requiring more from Internal Audit without necessarily increasing the budget! The success of an internal audit function is highly dependent on the skills, competencies and experience of the senior staff – including the Head of Internal Audit and the managers. Yet there are very few training courses available that specifically address these issues. This two day intensive and interactive course will focus on many of the challenges facing Heads of Internal Audit and Internal Audit Managers in keeping their functions abreast of key changes and complying with best practice Internal Audit requirements.
Practical Sales Process and Pipeline Management
Mastering the sales qualification process and its impact on sales forecast accuracy

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