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Governance, Risk and Compliance


Advanced Enterprise Risk Management Using Risk Registers

Raising your organization’s risk intelligence and maximizing your businesses’ economic returns with innovative corporate risk management
The current world-wide financial crisis has highlighted the need for improved governance of organizations. One of the greatest challenges organisations face is to develop a risk management framework that both strengthens risk governance practices and supports business objectives to increase shareholder value. Having a deeper understanding of risk can help mould the way your business operates, improves the organisation’s resilience and improves its ability to seize every potential business opportunity

Key Benefits of This Training include:

• Difficulty in defining corporation’s risk appetite is stopping the organisation from providing reasonable assurance regarding the achievement of business goals

• The lack of participation from management and a single approach in developing a common goal in organisation’s risk management will affect the operation of the whole business entity

• Early identification of potential negative or positive events can optimise your organisation value by setting strategies and objectives which balance growth and shareholder returns with related risks

• Organisations are increasingly focusing on risk for value creation. Thus, risk management activities will increasingly become the province of corporate boards and management


Business and corporate risk management is more important than ever before. The global financial crisis has revealed the importance of establishing realistic objectives for your organization to achieve after an evaluation has been undertaken as to what could possibly impact on the organization’s ability to add to shareholders value. In today’s environment, the threats faced by companies are global in nature and often emanate from activities and events that most managers don’t consider when developing strategic plans. Organisations must thoroughly master the type of calculated risks needed to be taken to innovate and to create future growth. Other risks that do not offer any business or ethical rewards must be avoided. These are ingredients to business sustainability. Comprehensive corporate risk management acts as a platform for your firm to weigh and balance between “rewarded risk” and “unrewarded risk”. It allows your firm to consider types of risks that are linked to success, so you can capitalise on every money-making opportunity.

Participant Testimonials:

“This is my second training session and he is great!”
“ Really enjoyed the proficiency of the material the trainer has provided while
tackling hot issues in the marketplace”
“The training is excellent. Interesting delivery and a great communicator!”
“Best Trainer Ever!”
“A true leadership genius! We want him again!”

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