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Governance, Risk and Compliance

Complying with the dictates of your organisation’s code of corporate governance and risk management. RISK MANAGEMENT
Advanced Enterprise Risk Management Using Risk Registers
Raising your organization’s risk intelligence and maximizing your businesses’ economic returns with innovative corporate risk management
Credit Risk Portfolio Modeling in Excel 2012
This course focuses on credit portfolio risk management techniques, examining several of the models and approaches that have developed in the marketplace. It considers how credit derivatives and other risk mitigation methods can be used in the implementation of a credit portfolio risk management programme. There is a discussion of the relationship of credit risk to other risks faced by financial institutions including market risk, operational risk and liquidity risk. The course examines these risks and the associated management tools and techniques within the broader context of the Value at Risk (VaR) approach to integrated risk management. VaR is important because it has the support of the banking regulators as an acceptable basis for the development of internal models of risk analysis, the return on capital and capital adequacy. Finally, the course addresses the policy, practice and process issues that need to be part of an integrated risk management programme within a financia
EPC Contract risk Management
Protecting your company and stakeholders by minimising project risk and decreasing the probability impact of adverse events to projects
Managing Risk with a practical introduction to Enterprise Risk Management and ISO 31000
Considering the potential impact of all types of risks on all processes, activities, stakeholders, products and services through an enterprise-wide approach to risk management.
Mastering Credit Risk Management for Banks and Financial Institutions
A course designed to reduce risks to the bank by providing the education and knowledge that lenders, credit officers, underwriters and credit analysts need to determine the best risk management practice in any lending situation
Procurement Fraud Management and Mitigation 2015
Combating corruption and fraud in procurement operations throughout the organisation. “Companies reported an avergae of 23 cases of fraud during the past two years, with each organisation losing an average of over 7.4 million in that period” - Louis Strydom, head of PWC’s forensic auditing division. Both the public and private sectors in are victims of fraud and / or corruption. Unfortunately, fraud in the procurement function is one of the most difficult to identify, making it difficult to catch the perpetrators until its too late. This 2 day interactive training programme, with a purchasing and supply chain expert, will demonstrate how to take a pro-active and practical approach to identify, mitigate and hopefully reduce this escalating trend, using Best Practice Purchasing Procedures to close loopholes and guard backdoors. let us teach you what to look for and how to detect fraud in the early stages by showing you where fraud takes place - and where your own particular exposure m
Retail Audit Risk Assessment Masterclass
Reducing risk and enhancing fraud management in your retail business operations to develop your very own Retail Audit Program.
Risk Based Pricing Model Development and Validation 2014
Risk-based pricing, in the simplest terms, is alignment of loan pricing with the expected loan risk. Typically, a borrower’s credit risk is used to determine if a loan application will be accepted or declined. That same risk level may also be used to drive pricing and banks internationally are now looking at leveraging on a Risk Based Pricing model as a strategy to to seek profitability by driving down costs while charging competitive rates.

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