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Governance, Risk and Compliance


Managing Risk with a practical introduction to Enterprise Risk Management and ISO 31000

Considering the potential impact of all types of risks on all processes, activities, stakeholders, products and services through an enterprise-wide approach to risk management.
 Key benefits from this highly interactive training :
  • How to utilise key risk management tools and processes to methodically address the risks attached to your organisation’s day to day operations and activities
• How to launch successful risk management initiatives proportionate to the level of risk in your organisation
• Aligning other corporate activities which are comprehensive in its scope and embedding them into your organisation’s routine activities in response to changing circumstances.
• To successfully implement a structure that supports and sustains the risk management processes within your
• A thorough and practical understanding of ISO 31000 and its components of a risk management implementation framework customised accordingly to your unique organisation structure
• Appreciating the essential steps to take towards the implementation and ongoing support of the risk management process within your organisation’s current framework.

How can this training benefit your organisation:

Within all types of organisations, senior management and key executives need to understand the risks being taken when seeking to achieve objectives and attain the desired level of reward. They need to understand the overall level of risk embedded within their processes and activities as it is important for organisations to recognise and prioritise significant risks and identify the weakest critical controls. Organisations need to understand that when setting out to improve risk management performance, the expected benefits of the risk management initiative should be established in advance.
A successful enterprise risk management (ERM) initiative can affect the likelihood and consequences of risks materialising, as well as deliver benefits related to better informed strategic decisions, successful delivery of change and increased operational efficiency. Other benefits include reduced cost of capital, more accurate financial reporting, competitive advantage, improved perception of the organisation, better marketplace presence and, in the case of public service organisations, enhanced political and community support. This training provides an understanding on ISO 31000 as well as setting out advice on the implementation of an ERM initiative.