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Governance, Risk and Compliance


Retail Audit Risk Assessment Masterclass

Reducing risk and enhancing fraud management in your retail business operations to develop your very own Retail Audit Program.
Why your company should join this training :

The Middle East retailing business has seen immense growth in recent years with chains and franchisees being recognized as national brands today. In a booming marketplace, the opportunity for Fraud, mis-management of retail resources, underquoting of stock, pilfering and other discrepancies are rampant. To stay ahead of the competition, retailers are involved in an aggressive price war, putting enormous responsibility on optimized infrastructure and operating efficiencies to keep the cash registers running. Also, to comply with regulations and to keep their business operations optimized, they need to have efficient auditing process in place - making transparent auditing a necessity from both legal and operational standpoint. This 3 day intensive program will help the your organisation better understand the risks associated with your retail operations and build it within your very own Retail Audit program. By developing, identifying and managing your key risk factors you will gain additional confidence to help better understand your retail operations risk and finds it easier to identify where additional analysis and mitigation may be necessary. 

Learning outcomes from this training :
• Overcoming the current challenges inherent in your companies
audit programme
• Learning the latest business strategies to increase the
effectiveness of your audit
• Increasing profit margins through better understanding of
audit processes, questionnaires and areas for improvement
• Eliminating Risk Areas for fraud in your retail operations
• Discovering latest risk management principles for a retail
• Gaining insights on the latest techniques of risk assessment
and risk mitigation
• Developing your very own Retail Store Operational Audit
Internal Control Questionnaire

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