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Claims Management

Optimising mutual benefits while lessening claim frequency with cutting-edge claim management and dispute resolution strategies
Claim and dispute resolution are complex, costly and timeconsuming exercises. The construction industry is frequently plagued by long drawn settlement processes. The longer a dispute lasts, the greater the negative impact on your business. The impact may be cost, time and reputational. Thus, the need for sensible and effective approaches to resolving construction claims and disputes are evident.
  • Comprehending the main drivers of claims for improvement in capital projects performance
  • Mastering the methodologies of claim identification, preparation, certification and evaluation
  • Addressing the underlying causes of dispute and optimising the process for resolving disputes
  • Presenting the essence of testifying in court before opposing council and winning tips
  • Uncovering the language of claim from owner’s, contractor’s, engineer’s and architect’s viewpoint
  • Supercharging your construction claim strategies with world class case studies and examples
  • Benefiting from insider’s view on claim processes and practices of major protagonists