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  • Marcus Evens
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Ensuring legal competency for effective contract development & regulatory compatibility. LEGAL CONTRACTS AND LEGAL CLAIMS
A Practical Guide to Understanding and Using the FIDIC Conditions of Contract
Specifically designed to deepen your knowledge, hone your skills and widen your expertise on the FIDIC Form of Contracts
Claims Management
Optimising mutual benefits while lessening claim frequency with cutting-edge claim management and dispute resolution strategies
Contract Management and Conditions of Contract with special focus on Claims and Contractual Risks
The Contract Management is designed to enhance the performance of personnel involved in procurement contracts, equipping them with the tools to analyse contractual risks, with emphasis on how to avoid and deal with claims as and when they arise. The interactive workshop will be conducted using a mixture of practical and theory syndicate sessions followed by group discussion. Delegates are encouraged to email or bring contracts which they are familiar with – which can be discussed in the end before closing of the workshop.
Drafting and Implementing Commercial Contracts
Providing legal professionals a hands-on opportunity to develop ideas and strategies that are essential for effective contract drafting and implementation.
EPC Contract risk Management
Protecting your company and stakeholders by minimising project risk and decreasing the probability impact of adverse events to projects
FIDIC Conditions of Contract
A 3-day in-house training designed to enhance the performance of personnel involved in procurement contracts by equipping them with the tools to analyse contractual risks
FIDIC Construction risk and Claims management
understanding of the language of claim from owner’s, contractor’s, engineer’s and architect’s viewpoint as well as supercharge your construction claim strategies with world class case studies and examples
Mastering Service Level Agreements
Optimising service delivery through enhanced preparation and streamlined management strategies

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