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EPC Contract risk Management

Protecting your company and stakeholders by minimising project risk and decreasing the probability impact of adverse events to projects
 Attend this premier training and gain insights into:

• Calculating the bankability of your EPC contract to ensure effective financial management throughout the project lifecycle.
• Forecasting the required cashflow to ensure a profitable EPC project
• Managing subcontractor agreements and ensuring the level of quality is delivered in line with the main EPC contract
• Protecting your company from unknown risks by allocating risk appropriately within your EPC contract
• Highlighting the terms and conditions of your EPC contract to prevent costly penalties
• Bypassing pitfalls by monitoring EPC contract risk performance
• Identifying the vulnerable risk areas and developing a contingency plan to prevent the risk from escalating
• Leveraging risk management techniques and tools when entering into EPC contracts
• Utilising the correct contract model to allocate risk within your project
• Establishing the probability that risks will occur and developing an EPC contract risk strategy to overcome it


With the current infrastructure boom taking place in the East african region EPC contracts are becoming more and more popular. With these types of contracts there is a higher risk and responsibility for contractors to deliver high quality projects.

There is a high level of risk involved when entering into EPC projects mainly due to the unpredictable and uniqueness of each EPC project taken on. Contractors and clients’ alike need to manage mitigate and apportion risk appropriately to ensure high quality and profitable projects that are delivered on time.

Contractors and clients alike need to utilise the best possible contract model to ensure risk is allocated evenly, and liability concerns are addressed during the contract negotiation phase of the project. In addition to this, poor subcontractor agreements can delay the project lifecycle, lead to financial losses, and poor quality of work delivered. Thus, companies need to ensure that subcontractor agreements are in line with the main contractor agreement.

Managing contract risk within your organisation can ensure that you improve on project and avoid legal actions. This way, companies can improve client relationships, build strong reputations, and prosper financially.

In this highly interactive training our expert trainer will highlight risk management best practices. You will walk away with the relevant tools to ensure smooth running projects and how to effectively manage unforeseen risk. Join us and turn the key to effective EPC Contract Risk Management Practices

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