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Human Resources


Human Resource Audits

Arming Human Resource personnel with the ability to effectively conduct an internal Human Resource audit thereby taking their divisional performance to new levels
In the New Economy, the HR function of top organisations today is no longer the single centred support function it used to be. The HR role has transformed into an internal strategic partner to meet the demands of an everchanging developing economic environment. As companies grow more competitive and results focused, so must the HR function meet this new demand as internal consultants towards their stakeholders. Delivering upon employee satisfaction, and ensuring a sustainable and well developed workforce, a HR audit provides insight into the right focus and appropriate measures to undertake to guarantee a satisfied workforce to meet your organisation’s goals.
  • Mastering the fundamentals of the HR audit process
  • Primary breakdown of the HR audit methodology
  • Defining the scope of a HR audit
  • Developing a HR audit action plan

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