Instant In-House Training Request

If you are looking for a specific or niche programme, let us know what it is and we will come back to you with your request or suggest related programmes. After all, one of our specialisations is programme customisation!
  • Marcus Evens
Driving Superior Value through Digital Procurement
Best and leading edge practices to control operating costs, while minimising supply chain risks and maximising profits
Effective Training Management
A practical and effective course that allows you to create and manage a high-performance training function that aligns employee learning and development with organisational needs to deliver first-class training solutions to create a knowledgeable and productive workforce
Engage your people to best thrive in business
Implement and design an effective employee engagement strategy to ensure return on investment
Human Resource Audits
Arming Human Resource personnel with the ability to effectively conduct an internal Human Resource audit thereby taking their divisional performance to new levels
Improve the Bottom line through Influential and Inspirational Leadership
Incorporate scientific and practical ideas to enhance your leadership qualities, and inspire your colleagues to achieve greater results
Managing Your Projects Successfully Through Microsoft Project ® On time! On track! On Target!
Learning how to balance project constraints, cost constraints, and schedule constraints in order to maximise stakeholder satisfaction and learn how to measure schedule performance.
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