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Basel III Credit Risk Implementation Masterclass

A intensive training programme allowing you to undestand the concept of the modern risk management and comparison between new Accord and old Accord.

Poor risk management standards and practices have threatened the very existence of the banking industry in recent years prompting bank regulators to adopt far reaching measures now known as Basel III.

The Basel II framework was first revised in July 2009 to address the major problems experienced by banks in their trading books. Recently however international regulators went further by agreeing on new rules to address the fundamental issues of capital adequacy, liquidity and pro-cyclicality. A new definition of capital, a maximum leverage ratio, restrictions on bonuses and dividends are some of the measures which will have a critical impact on the banking industry in the years to come. 

These are essential knowledge not only for compliance staff but for all those involved in the utilisation of the bank's capital and the pricing of transactions such as senior managers, credit staff, transactors and relationship managers. 

This course gives delegates a high-level overview of modern risk management, including a breakdown of the new Accord and a comparison with the old one. This is followed by an indepth examination of the techniques and management structures used to assess and to control risk, including a detailed discussion on the implementation of Value-at-Risk (VaR), which is becoming the de facto standard for measuring risk across all the major classes: credit, traded and non-traded market, funding liquidity (through the Internal Liquidity Adequacy Assessment), and operational. The softer, but no less damaging, risks such as concentration risk, reputational risk and business strategic risk are also discussed in the context of the Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP).

Benefits of attending this course include:

• Mastering the fundamentals of the latest developments of the Basel Accord and how to apply the framework in your bank
• Determining how to implement the latest updates
• Understanding how to stress test your bank


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