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If you are looking for a specific or niche programme, let us know what it is and we will come back to you with your request or suggest related programmes. After all, one of our specialisations is programme customisation!
  • Marcus Evens
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Ensuring financial maturity throughout your organisation. CAPITAL MARKETS and BANKING
Agribusiness Management Training Course
Capitalising on your organisation’s relationships with Agribusiness clients through effective financial and customer relationship management strategies
Basel III Credit Risk Implementation Masterclass
A intensive training programme allowing you to undestand the concept of the modern risk management and comparison between new Accord and old Accord.
Certificate in Real Estate Management, Investment, Mortgages and Finance
An effective, holistic approach to real estate that builds on global experience to provide your organization with a full background of all financial and managerial aspects of real estate, ensuring the implementation of global best practices at your organization
Effective Credit Risk Analysis
This course reduces risk to the bank by providing the education that lenders, credit officers, underwriters and credit analysts to determine the best risk management practice in any lending situation
In House Training On Basel II and Credit Risk Management for Retail Banking
Upgrading Retail Credit Risk Management processes in accordance with Basel II requirements
Optimising and Updating Asset and Liability Management (ALM) 2014
Effectively interpreting core business objectives for managing a bank’s balance sheet to be consistent with its goals for long-term growth while actively managing its risk
Practical Approaches towards Basel Implementation
Equipping Senior Bank Management with the tools necessary for effective implementation of a watertight framework for Basel across their organisations.

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