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If you are looking for a specific or niche programme, let us know what it is and we will come back to you with your request or suggest related programmes. After all, one of our specialisations is programme customisation!
  • Marcus Evens
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Human Resources

Developing your workforce with the soft skills and HR competencies to be a truly effective organisation. TALENT MANAGEMENT
Effective Training Management
A practical and effective course that allows you to create and manage a high-performance training function that aligns employee learning and development with organisational needs to deliver first-class training solutions to create a knowledgeable and productive workforce
Engage your people to best thrive in business
Implement and design an effective employee engagement strategy to ensure return on investment
Strategic Workforce Planning - A Practical Approach
Lean how to create a quantified data driven SWFP via practical advice, case studies and examples
Talent Management and Knowledge Retention
Achieving business excellence by means of knowing who to employ, how to retain the right people and why succession planning is crucial.

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